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writing by curiositykate
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23rd-Feb-2007 01:52 am - nymph
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
the white skin of her reckless hips
glows like salt-water pearls;
chipped highlights on her fingertips
amidst her copper curls
and wonder forms on her lips.

[for a prompt @ same_oh]
22nd-Feb-2007 11:30 pm - catching fragments
MAGGIE; anywhere the sleep dust lies
i collapsed on your bed
and we lay there for
hours, catching fragments
of things we'd never said
but wished we had;
things with no relevance
to somebody only known
for a day and a half.

all the same, we
were painters and our
pictures filled the air;
my memories and yours
tangle like lace and
your past feels like mine

i taste salt on my lips
to my surprise
but not yours.

[from a prompt @ same_oh]
22nd-Feb-2007 11:23 pm - water signs
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
I'm a Pisces; he's a Cancer. We were drowning from the start and as the water filled our lungs our cries for help were lost. My feet slipped beneath me; his fingers gripped my arm tightly, warm and stable against my cold soft flesh. He whispered his apologies, true to his sign, and true to mine my heart absorbed every coherent thought and turned it into nonsense before it could reach my mouth.

[edited from a previous response to a prompt @ same_oh]]
22nd-Feb-2007 11:16 pm - star-wishing
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
i see countless stars but can't think of a
wish, not one that i could say out loud anyway, and
you don't believe in wishes so it'd never come true. i
saw the fascination in your eyes as you reached past
me for the telescope; then you focus on a million miles away.

[from a prompt here @ same_oh]
11th-Jul-2006 11:20 pm - I have a dream
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
I have a dream. I dream it too often, and yet I can never quite remember it in the morning. When I wake, I mark the date on the calendar with your initial. Nobody notices, or perhaps they are just unsurprised. I write you a letter, and don't send it. I see you in the street, and only say hello. I talk to your sister, and don't even mention your name. Every dream is another rehearsal, one step closer to the final revelation.

When I finally tell you about my dreams, you smile, and a new connection begins. This is better than in my dreams. Time has passed, and now we are grown-up. Now I know who I am. Now you are willing to find out. We can finally be friends. We spend an afternoon, curled up on your bed, saying all the words we never said and not once slipping beneath the sheets like we so often did before. And then I wake, alone and confused. As I write your initial on my calender, I realise that while I no longer mourn for our broken-down relationship, I will always mourn a friendship never begun.

[for the prompt "I have a dream" at excuse_me___]
26th-Aug-2004 08:14 am - History
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
You watch her fill the kettle, tired and forlorn, and you can picture her as a child, dressed in peach-coloured silk, feigning attention for anybody offering two dollars, or, even better, a peppermint. She dances on her star feet, decadant and unreal.

Now, in the real world, she attempts to mollify her little daughter, history repeating itself. Hot chocolate spills from chipped coffee mugs, and she wipes it up with a paper napkin. Her smile is one thing that hasn’t changed.

Behind her, ivy grows in through the kitchen window.

[for a prompt on same_oh]
25th-Aug-2004 06:51 am - Scarlet
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Holding hands in the summertime, singing and laughing in an endless heatwave that brought out a madness in me. Of course, it had to end bad-bad-badly. I called it art, scarlet paint across my wrists; he called it nothing but wrong. I suppose sometimes summer goes by too fast.

[for a prompt at same_oh]
25th-Aug-2004 06:50 am - Posing
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
She's spilling her heart out to the camera when she smiles and laughs, shameless flirtation as though she's a hungry kitten begging for attention. Months later, I get the photographs back, but somehow they show a strange and distant girl captured in a pause between one thing and another. The last photo shows her sleeping, frowning, sweat on her brow as the toxins claim her back again.

[for a prompt at same_oh]
25th-Aug-2004 06:23 am - daisychains
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
I make daisy chains when I think about you, looping the flowers together endlessly. My nails are too long, too weak, they split the stem too far and I have to start again, put five daisies back on the grass where they belong. I sit out here in the meadow when I think of you because it's simply a place we never went.
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